More Sketching!

Still sketching....need to do more painting!  The barn is just South of Ft. Dodge on the East side of Highway 169.  The East post and beams are in pretty bad shape but the rest of the posts and beams inside looked like they were in perfect shape!

Pencil Sketches...

Seems like I can't get enough sketching in!  Here are a few of my latest ones.  The first one I'm getting ready to do a painting with.  The painting will be roughly 21" wide by 24" tall....we'll see how it goes!

Trip to Mexico...

Charlee and I recently visited the Riviera Maya in Mexico for our 10 year anniversary.  Wow...I love that place!  It is the second time we visited and I think I'm ready to move there!  Here are a couple of painting sketches I did while sitting on the beach.  Enjoy!