Couple More...

Well, I had a great Saturday painting!  Finished my barn and stream painting and also finished up a painting that I had started a few years back. Very satisfying to see progress like this today. I already have some ideas for my next couple of paintings and hope to start on at least one of them this week. Watch for updates!

Barn and Stream. I plan to do more paintings featuring water and reflections. It was something different for me and was extremely rewarding to see it all take shape. 


Barn Frame and some remaining siding and a tin roof are all that is left. Sad to see these structures in such bad shape...  The frame of this barn was actually in decent shape for the most part except for one of the main beams. 

Just About Finished!

The entry for the 106th Annual Women's Club Art Exhibition is just about wrapped up. I usually pull the painting from my board and set it off to the side for a few days to "observe". I may add in a few more details and make adjustments but for the most part I'm done!

More Progress!

Continued progress on the painting I started earlier. I also resurrected an old barn sketch and added some surrounding scenery to create the start of a second painting. One of these will hopefully make an appearance at the Women's Club Show! 

 Here's a shot of the second painting. Of course a barn!  Just the first wash of color...

First wash...


Ink sketch on trace...

Latest Painting....

Value Study of Ryan Mansion

Value Study of Ryan Mansion

Finally!  I didn't realize that it had been so long since my last post!  Wow....I've got to get back on the ball.  Here is my latest painting.  I spent a lot of time on extra detail for this painting and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.

The picture to the left is the rough (and quick!) pencil sketch I did to see how the arrangement would work as well as a rough idea of how I wanted to show the way the shadows were going to fall.  I stayed fairly close to my original pencil sketch but deviated a little bit (ok, quite a bit) with the exact angle of the building.

Below is the finished painting.  I may make a few small adjustments here or there or add a few minor details if I feel they are needed.  As of right now I am happy with the way everything looks.  What am I painting next?  I have no idea but I have a few boards with stretched paper on them already!  It feels good to get back to my watercolor painting again!  I'll post more sketches and paintings as I go....

Finished painting of Ryan Mansion

Finished painting of Ryan Mansion