2018 Colorado Fall Color

Took an opportunity this year to travel to Colorado for some landscape photography! I have three images posted for sale and hope to post more soon.

Don’t see a print size you’d like? Feel free to send me a message with the print size you are interested in and I’ll let you know the price for that particular size.

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Latest Architectural Photography

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Want to see more architectural photography work by Cross Studio?  Check out some additional images.....

Cross Studio Fine Art Photography Prints Available for Purchase!

"Storm and Sun" Available for purchase in the Landscape gallery!

"Storm and Sun" Available for purchase in the Landscape gallery!

We are now offering fine art photography prints!  These prints are created using only the finest high quality inks and papers.  The inks and papers are rated for 200 years under typical display conditions.

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Prints are offered as “loose prints”.  If you’d like to have something custom framed, let us know.

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Fine Art Photography Prints


Iowa State Fair - Paintings!!!

I entered two paintings for the jury process this year.  I was surprised to find out that both were selected for the 2016 Iowa State Fair Fine Art Exhibition!

The exhibition is open to the public on the third floor of the Patty & Jim Cownie Cultural Center, August 11 through the 20th from 9am until 9pm.  August 21st from 9 am until 7pm.

Barn & Stream

Barn & Stream



Iowa Watercolor Society Traveling Show - 2015/2016

"Open Air" - Transparent Watercolor

I'm pleased to announce that my painting "Open Air" was chosen for the 2015 traveling show!  The painting will travel Northeastern Iowa for the next year.  The schedule is outlined below:

2015-2016 IWS Traveling Show

October-November 2015
Lowe Park Arts and Environment Center, Marion, IA 

December2015 & January 2016
The River Arts Center, Clinton, IA

February & March 2016
Kristin Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Luther College, Decorah, IA

April & May 2016
Charles MacNider Gallery, Mason City, IA

June & July 2016
Hearst Center for the Arts, Cedar Falls, IA

Read more about the Iowa Watercolor Society Traveling Show here.

Take a Look at Some Iowa Watercolor Work!

LaPoste Building
Perry, IA

Mark your calendar for August 7th!  You'll be able to see work from 49 Iowa artists from 5 pm to 7 pm at the LaPoste Building in Perry, IA  One of my paintings titled "Open Air" is on display.  Many of the pieces are available for purchase including my own.  I have additional work available for purchase here: Cross Studio Watercolors.  If you can't make it out August 7th the show will be open until September 24th (not August 24th as I posted earlier).

If you have any interest in Architecture you'll have the opportunity to check out the LaPoste Building as well!  What a great building that has been restored beautifully.

LaPoste Building
1219 Warford Street
Perry, Iowa

The art is exhibited from August 7th through September 24th with a public opening reception held August 7th from 5 to 7 pm.  The 2015 juror and instructor for the annual exhibit and workshops is renowned artist Iain Stewart.  See some of his work at: http://www.stewartwatercolors.com/

38th Annual Iowa Watercolor Society Exhibit

"Open Air" - Transparent Watercolor

"Open Air" - Transparent Watercolor

I'm happy to announce that one of my watercolor paintings has been accepted for display in the 38th Annual Iowa Watercolor Society juried art exhibition!  The show will be held at:

LaPoste Building
1219 Warford Street
Perry, Iowa

The art is exhibited from August 7th through August 24th with an opening reception held August 7th from 5 to 7 pm.  The 2015 juror and instructor for the annual exhibit and workshops is renowned artist Iain Stewart.  See some of his work at: http://www.stewartwatercolors.com/

Visualizations Aid in Design Process...

Cross Studio produced several animations and a multitude of rendered images for a new Emergency Department addition to the Methodist Campus of Unity Point Health - Des Moines.  Read more....

Animations include exteriors, interior from an adult perspective and interior from a child's perspective.

See the animations and images here.....

We had the pleasure of working with a talented team of designers at Shive-Hattery too!  Shive-Hattery is an employee owned architecture and engineering firm with nine locations throughout the Midwest, one of which is located right here in West Des Moines.  Find out more here....

Source: http://www.businessrecord.com/Content/Defa...


Took yesterday to work on these two paintings....I'll post more progress as I go along in the process.

Top Left - Reference photo of "Red Barn"

Top Right - Study sketch for value and composition

Left - Sketch on watercolor paper.  Ready for paint!

Top Left - Photo of "Metal Sided Barn"

Top Right - Study sketch for value and composition

Left - Sketch on watercolor paper.  Ready for paint!

Bottom - Both paintings after a first wash of color.  I use this point to establish base colors and aerial perspective.  The washes will remain almost untouched for the sky and distant trees.  These will be the lightest values in the painting for the most part.  Some foreground will remain as just a base wash as well but in very limited amounts.  This is the stage of the painting process that goes the quickest.  Note the reference photos and value sketches taped to the wall on the right.  They are always with me during the painting process to help keep me on track.

Couple More...

Well, I had a great Saturday painting!  Finished my barn and stream painting and also finished up a painting that I had started a few years back. Very satisfying to see progress like this today. I already have some ideas for my next couple of paintings and hope to start on at least one of them this week. Watch for updates!

Barn and Stream. I plan to do more paintings featuring water and reflections. It was something different for me and was extremely rewarding to see it all take shape. 


Barn Frame and some remaining siding and a tin roof are all that is left. Sad to see these structures in such bad shape...  The frame of this barn was actually in decent shape for the most part except for one of the main beams. 

Just About Finished!

The entry for the 106th Annual Women's Club Art Exhibition is just about wrapped up. I usually pull the painting from my board and set it off to the side for a few days to "observe". I may add in a few more details and make adjustments but for the most part I'm done!

More Progress!

Continued progress on the painting I started earlier. I also resurrected an old barn sketch and added some surrounding scenery to create the start of a second painting. One of these will hopefully make an appearance at the Women's Club Show! 

 Here's a shot of the second painting. Of course a barn!  Just the first wash of color...

First wash...


Ink sketch on trace...

Sketches and Prep Work

Finally made some progress!  Here are a couple of paintings that I'm working on right now....enjoy!  I'll post more progress as I go along.  These first steps are always a bit interesting and I usually have a hard time thinking that I'm going to be successful.  I've learned to just press on...especially through the initial washes.  It may look bad now but as I add successive washes and begin to add more paint and finally detail it will all come together.  Of course if it doesn't....I always have the option of starting over!

Marker sketch of Bigelow Residence

Pencil on watercolor paper...Bigelow Residence

Marker sketch of Barn and Silo

First wash of paint on Barn and Silo painting

Two New Paintings!

Just finished two paintings this week!  I'll be framing them later this week and delivering them to Summit Dental in Winterset.  They will both be on display in the lobby.  You can see them both below....or for more information you can go to the Paintings and Prints page.


Barn #7

Barn #8

Latest Painting....

Value Study of Ryan Mansion

Value Study of Ryan Mansion

Finally!  I didn't realize that it had been so long since my last post!  Wow....I've got to get back on the ball.  Here is my latest painting.  I spent a lot of time on extra detail for this painting and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.

The picture to the left is the rough (and quick!) pencil sketch I did to see how the arrangement would work as well as a rough idea of how I wanted to show the way the shadows were going to fall.  I stayed fairly close to my original pencil sketch but deviated a little bit (ok, quite a bit) with the exact angle of the building.

Below is the finished painting.  I may make a few small adjustments here or there or add a few minor details if I feel they are needed.  As of right now I am happy with the way everything looks.  What am I painting next?  I have no idea but I have a few boards with stretched paper on them already!  It feels good to get back to my watercolor painting again!  I'll post more sketches and paintings as I go....

Finished painting of Ryan Mansion

Finished painting of Ryan Mansion